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About Notarc

Notarc is a privately-held investment and asset management firm focused on real estate, sustainable energy, logistics and public infrastructure, with direct involvement in over $12 billion of various projects in The Americas and an expanding global portfolio of investments in innovation and technology.

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Notarc’s team of investment and asset management professionals in The UK, Europe, Panama, Asia, The Bahamas, Canada and The USA, have over 40 years of experience both in the private and public sector. We are focused on leading strategic investment and business development opportunities in real estate, hospitality, technology, logistics, renewable energy and public infrastructure. As such we continue to expand our portfolio of investments and projects internationally but with a particular focus in The Americas.

Notarc has earned a reputation for delivering successful results and solutions for a variety of projects and major investments across The Americas. Our traditional service and investment orientation is matched with pioneering finesse, giving each of our clients or partners a fresh perspective and expanded vision, while re-positioning or creating value to enhance and improve investment returns.

Our support and partnerships with start-ups bringing much needed innovation to critical industries – such as energy and infrastructure – allows for the navigation of complex dynamics including heavy regulations and business-to-government (B2G) sales cycles. Notarc’s venture arm brings scale, know-how, network and a stamp of approval to complement the nimbleness of technologically groundbreaking startups to Notarc’s core sectors.

In addition to capital, Notarc brings know-how, managerial oversight, and a network of operators and funders with a particular expertise in infrastructure, innovation, capital markets, government and public policy.

20+ Years of Successful Project Execution | Representation of Global Fortune 500 Companies | Involvement in Shaping Public Policy

Notarc understands the importance of key relationships when it comes to international investment and seeking business opportunities. Our clients benefit from our strong relationships in the private and public sector and our knowledge of governmental affairs, local policies and social issues.

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Invest Smartly

“We’re a hands-on progressive management, investment and advisory firm that provides specialized services across a broad spectrum of industries on several continents with practical localized experience!” 

Leslie C. Bethel

CEO & President

Our Expertise

Notarc’s core focus is on delivering practical solutions that can be adapted to the cultures and operations of many organizations by leveraging our wealth of experience and through the implementation of risk mitigation plans for our investor partners and clients.

Our Commitment to Results

Notarc ensures that resources are allocated efficiently while the execution of plans or objectives is done effectively. Through the right strategy with individual and flexible solutions, we enable industry specific competitive advantages for companies and investors.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to maximize business and investment potential while achieve lasting improvements by providing expert advise and knowledge with precision execution.

Our Experience

When progressive and experienced thinkers work together, a global network emerges: The Notarc team of advisors bundles extensive know-how, over 40 years of experience and a high degree of competencies across a broad spectrum of industries, providing a full range of services to businesses, governments and investors.

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High Conviction Investments - Diverse Perspective

We have been involved in over $12 billion of key transactions, funding and projects across The Americas.

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Get to Know Us

Since Notarc’s inception, the demand for effective insight, with the understanding of social-economic issues and pragmatic consultation across The Americas region has increased substantially.

By combining a world-class global platform with a truly diverse network of people in key growth markets, Notarc is well-suited to capitalize on the vast potential of opportunities across The Americas region.

Notarc Management Group was founded in The Bahamas in 1999 by Leslie C. Bethel, a global entrepreneur and dynamic business strategist. The company has since expanded its business internationally and across multiple jurisdictions.

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