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Our Investment Focus

With proven industry expertise across international markets and an in-depth knowledge of The Americas, Notarc mobilizes the right people with key industry experience to help its clients and partners achieve desired results.

Our Team specializes in the implementation of new technologies and enhanced solutions in infrastructure, energy and logistics. We are also experts in developing programs in support of reform for Public Utilities, Communications and Transportation.

Industries and Areas of Focus

Tomatillo Plant
Construction Engineers

Real Estate

Energy, Renewables & Sustainability

Infrastructure & Logistics

Innovation & Technology 

Hospitality & Tourism


Real Estate

Notarc provides expert solutions and advice on investing, acquiring and developing Real Estate across The Americas. We’ve helped institutional investors and our partners navigate the world’s largest asset class.


From green field development to mixed-used hotel and residential and commercial real estate projects, our team has many years of experience in the real estate industry - from equity and project funding to development and construction to marketing and sales.

Solar Energy

Energy & Renewables

By working with both industry and governments to create competitive business-friendly measures, and policies that are conducive for clean energy and climate centric incentives, - such as regulated power arrangements - Notarc has created a framework that supports maximum profits for our investors whiles pairing them with the ever- expanding demand for green public infrastructure.

Logistics & Infrastructure

In an ever expanding world, the constant shifts in supply chain, the need for investment in logistics and sustainable infrastructure has never been greater. Notarc is constantly identifying opportunities in today’s market to ensure our client’s place in tomorrow’s world.

With a physical presence on the ground and in-depth knowledge

of each market, Notarc is able to assist both public and private companies interested in the development and funding of infrastructure projects in a manner that is efficient, transparent and cost-effective.


Technology & Innovation

For the past decade we have harnessed international relationships and fostered partnerships with some of the best engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs and pioneers of technology that are setting new standards for innovation. 

Notarc pursues selective opportunities to build ventures in-house while launching companies to capitalize on an observed gap in their core markets and where Notarc’s existing infrastructure and relationships provide an indisputable unfair advantage, a direct go-to-market and a clear route to profitability.


Hospitality & Tourism

Specializing in adaptive solutions for the hospitality industry, we assist our clients and partners by continually meeting the demands of today's sophisticated travelers and investors.

Whether you are looking to identify, develop or open a hospitality project in the Caribbean or Latin America market, we provide support through cultivating market entry strategies, identifying development and conversion opportunities, asset management and operating partnerships.

Our Partnerships and Global Network

Our global partnerships and strategic alliances are evident by the many renowned Fortune 1000 companies that we’ve had a great pleasure of working with over the years.


We also pride ourselves in working with small enterprises, including many start-ups and individual investors that have embarked upon many new ventures across numerous industries with our global team of advisors.

Breaking ground in some of the largest and most entrenched industries in the world does not always add up with the time horizon of a traditional VC fund’s life cycle. Investing from balance sheets eliminates such limitations, allowing Notarc to partner with the most ambitious entrepreneurs and global firms.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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